Extra costs

Late and other payments

The rent will be debited from the account of the student via SEPA direct debit between the 1st and 5th of each month.
If the direct debit is rejected due to insufficient funds in the account of the resident, or the person who pays the usage fees, bank fees will be charged and an email will be sent. We also charge reminder fees.

1st reminder 5th of the month 10,00
2nd reminder 15th of the month 15,00
3rd reminder 25th of the month 20,00
Compensation for moving out beyond the deadline per day 80,00
Cost in cases of lost room keys Key 160,00

Withdrawing or terminating before moving in

If a student withdraws from their allocated accommodation space more than 60 days before the beginning of the contract, the deposit and the maintenance contribution will be reimbursed but a fee (€ 50) will be charged for administrative costs.
If a cancellation is made 59 – 30 days before moving in, 1 month worth of rent is required. If a cancellation is made 29 – 1 day before moving in, 2 months worth of rent will be required.

Withdrawal More than 60 days before moving in Fee for withdrawal 50,00
Depending on the size of the room
Termination 59 – 30 days before moving in Compensation of 1 months rent 327,50 – 432,50
Termination 29 – 1 day(s) before moving in Compensation of 2 months rent 655,00 – 865,00

Usable with a chip card

Washing machine Various settings approx. 8 kg laundry 4,80
Drier Shelf-dry approx. 8 kg laundry 3,10

Costs included


Air dehumidifier: drying area in the laundry cellar (dehumidification to 40% relative humidity)
Bicycle parking: garden
Kitchens: on each floor
Common area: ground floor, TV room and the garden