The Auge Gottes Student Halls

Auge Gottes is located in Vienna’s 9th district, Alsergrund. It is one of Vienna’s most beautiful districts. Most universities are located within approximately 15 minutes reach.

There are stops for the trams 37 and 38 in front of the halls of residence.
The buses 35A and 37A, as well as the U6 metro station Nußdorfer Straße, are just around the corner. 
Alsergrund is a historic and developed district with an excellent infrastructure of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and takeaways.

Our halls of residence is an ideal place for studying and spending free time.


Year-round rooms: These rooms are generally only allocated to students. There is an annual contract for these rooms for the academic year (from the 1st of October to the 30th of September).

Extension: The deadline for applying for a contract renewal is May the 1st.
One may apply a contract renewal if academic success can be proven and rent is regularly paid. As a general rule, contract extensions are for one year.

Room change: Although not guaranteed, this is possible if a case for doing so is justified. A cleaning fee of 42 euros will be charged for each room change.

Final cleaning fee: Upon moving out, a fee of 42 euros will be charged for having the room cleaned.


  1. Occurs when the contract expires.
  2. Termination is not possible during the first year of study unless there are exceptional circumstances worthy of consideration.
  3. The termination dates during the academic year are the 28th of February and the 30th of August.
  4. The notice period is at least 2 calendar months.

Date for moving in: The room can be occupied from the first of the month or earlier if the room is free. Moving in later represents no problem.
Date for moving out: The accommodation must vacated no later than 9AM two working days (excluding weekends) before the last day of the notice period. This means that if the last day of the notice period is a Sunday, then the room must be vacated by the Thursday beforehand. If the last day of the notice period is a public holiday then the room must be vacated two business days (Monday to Friday) before that holiday.

Guest rooms: When required, vacant rooms can be allocated to guests. The process is simple.
Guest residents only have to pay a deposit. No maintenance contributions will be charged. Guest residents must transfer the rent by standing order on the 3rd of each month to our account.
Contract duration: at least 1 month and a maximum of 6 months
For a contract period of 1 month, the deposit is 500 euros, otherwise it is 800 euros. Contracts for guests cannot be extended.
Just as for normal residents, the rent must be paid for the whole month regardless of when the guest moves in and out.


Kitchens: are cleaned every working day (Monday to Friday).

Rooms: are cleaned weekly or fortnightly, primarily the bathrooms and floors. (The rooms will not be tidied up).


Link to the application form

Interior of the room

Interior of the rooms:

  • Anteroom, wardrobe
  • Desk, chair, bookshelf
  • Bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet
  • Satellite TV via satellite Astra and DVB-T2
  • Minifridge 
  • Internet: dual network socket (RJ-45 / Cat5)
  • A WiFi router can be brought and used in every room
  • Central heating 
  • Each room is a separate fire section
  • Coverings, curtains, etc. are of low flammability 
  • Flame extinguishing security bin
  • Fire protection via a fire alarm system
  • The fire alarm system is connected to the fire brigade with TUS

There is central ventilation in the bathrooms of the main building Nußdorfer Straße 75 ducted via the roof. There are two large fans on the roof constantly running at low speed. The more the bathrooms are used, the greater the ventilation. Ventilation is controlled by the light switches in the bathrooms.

On the first 1st floor (rooms 113 – 136) each bathroom has its own ventilation unit. It is up to the residents to control the fan by switching off the lights and to save energy.

The furniture must not be altered or removed; they must be left in their original place.

Accommodation will be allocated without any entitlement to a specific room although an attempt is made to satisfy the wishes of the residents. If this is not possible, an alternative room will be allocated.

Rubbish separation

This is one of our primary concerns.
Please dispose of your personal rubbish daily and separate

into the appropriate containers. These are located in the courtyard.

Rubbish containers for metal, aluminium, clothing and shoes (Caritas) are located on the corner of Sobieskigasse/Ayrenhoffgasse.

Any remaining rubbish should be deposited in the bins in the kitchen and rooms.

Rubbish prevention in the halls of residence:
You can leave superfluous packaging in the supermarket or in shops and dispose of it there. This reduces rubbish enormously in the rooms.


There are 9 kitchens in the halls of residence – a minimum of one on each floor. They have the following fittings:

Flame extinguishing security bin: only rubbish from the kitchen should be discarded inside them.

If everyone leaves the kitchen as they would like to find it, then everyone will enjoy cooking and socialising there.

Laundry room

There is a laundry room in the cellar:



  • T.V. room next to courtyard
  • The courtyard has areas to sit and lots of shade
  • Bicycle storage unit
  • Containers for mandatory rubbish separation